Friday, September 25, 2009

Subliminal Plagiarism

A few weeks ago, Cathy asked:

I know you read a do you keep the plots and twists and characters that you have previously read about from becoming a part of your book? I mean the leftover spaghetti from Sunday, the corn and green beans we had Monday, and the roasted chicken leftover from tonight will become chicken vegetable soup tomorrow...each part recognizable from some other dinner. How do you make it a "new meal" in your head rather than leftovers you remember?

Click through to The Stiletto Gang today to see my thoughts about subliminal plagiarism. Has this been a concern for those of you who write?


  1. Good question. But my problem is I'm hopeless at remembering plots and characters from books I've read. It has the huge advantage that I can reread and it's always nearly new - the huge disadvantage that I keep almost everything I read and the bookshelves are full.

  2. At least you're not at risk for copying somebody's story, Sheila. Or maybe you're at the worst risk! My sister-in-law is that way with movies. She can watch the same one multiple times and it's always new again. :-)