Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

ALERT: Today's post is interactive.

Lately I'm getting invitations to do guest blogs around the Internet. A guest blog is when another blogger, in my case usually another author or someone in the publishing community, invites you to write for their blog. Kind of like being a guest on Letterman, only... well, okay. Nothing like being a guest on Letterman. But I had a nice daydream there for a second.

Anyway, guest blogging is a great opportunity for new authors like me because it's a way to reach out to readers who otherwise would never hear our names. It's an honor when someone invites you to their blog. It's their way of showcasing you to all of their followers and friends.

Here's the deal.

When I blog here at Write It Anyway, it's like sitting in my living room with twenty of my closet followers, just kinda chillaxin' in my lounge pants and an oversized tee. I can tell you the stupid things I do, like forgetting how old I am or trying to beat the younger, better looking Rachel Brady in Google rankings, and you don't hold it against me. We're all friends here.

Visiting somebody else's blog is different. I liken it to "first impression" stress. Guest blogging feels more like getting dressed up in fancy clothes and full make-up and trying really, really hard not to say something stupid at the dinner party.

Topics matter. At least they do to me.

So here's where you guys come in. Could you give me a hand with suggestions for upcoming posts? For the writers who subscribe here, is there a question you'd like to have answered? I'd like to make the blog more interactive and I think the best way to accomplish that is to address topics and questions that are on the minds of those of you who are kind enough to stop by.

And a final thought. If nobody comments on this post, that is SO like leaving me hanging for a high five. Please speak up! :-)

...gonna try with a little help from my friends.


  1. I am new to your blog. As an inspiring writer I have two questions for you. 1)How did you stay motivated? I know you took at least a year off but still managed to persevere and, not only complete your novel, but also get it published. 2)When did you know you were ready to approach editors? did you have your manuscript completely finished with multiple rewrites? You may have already addressed these two questions in your blog but I thought I'd ask anyways. Sian

  2. I always like hearing about how other writers actually DO the writing -- techniques for plotting, character development, etc., and the how/when/where they write. Not that I think there's a RIGHT way to do anything, or that I'm looking for a magic method, but every time I read one of those kinds of posts I get a little tip to try.

  3. Sian and Laura,

    Great questions! These will be the topics of my next entries. Thank you both for posting.

  4. I know you read a do keep the plots and twists and characters that you have previously read about from becoming a part of your book? I mean the leftover spaghetti from Sunday, the corn and green beans we had Monday, and the roasted chicken leftover from tonight will become chicken vegetable soup tomorrow...each part recognizable from some other dinner. How do you make it a "new meal" in your head rather than leftovers you remember?

    Cathy McD

  5. That's another good one. Thanks, Cathy. A few things come to mind about that, too. Great idea!