Thursday, April 2, 2009

Author websites and sexy dresses

My ARCs will go out soon and my publisher has asked when my website will be active. ARCs are "advance reading copies" that go out to reviewers a few months ahead of a book's release. The progress is exciting, but the website question makes me a little bit anxious.

The website content is ready. What's distressing is finally pulling the trigger on how the page will look. This feels like choosing the right dress for an important party. Lots of dresses look fine, but when I walk out the door I'll still wonder if I chose the perfect one.

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  1. Guess what. (This is a guy secret, maybe I shouldn't tell it). Guys don't care about the dress, but about who/what is inside it. I suspect that in this respect readers are more like guys than girls, because I'm pretty sure girls, some of them anyway, will care more about the dress. You've got good stuff and that's what makes a website because that's what makes a writer. Plus you can toss the dress and you can change the website. I can hardly wait.