Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since last complaining, I've outlined seven new chapters. Perhaps this is more efficient than actually writing them. I can see ahead of time where my plot will paint itself into a corner.

But one thing I can't do is estimate word count. What constantly runs through my mind is "how many more chapters until I have a whole book?". The only answer I know for sure is that I need way, way more than seven.

I've been more successful outlining longhand, as opposed to on my laptop. When I sit on my couch with my spiral notebook, I don't accidentally end up on Facebook or Twitter. There is no checking e-mail to see the latest things that need to be accomplished for the 5K/10K run I'm helping to organize. I don't end up surfing the internet to read my favorite blogs.

I won't name names, but my most favorite writer friend in the whole world (who I've recently learned is a Bob Dylan fan, if that helps any with identifying yourself) said we were going to start exchanging pages this spring. It's spring. Don't make me drive up there.

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