Thursday, March 5, 2009

My blog is living out of boxes

My friend David said I needed a blog and, since I'm weak for the Internet and all its fun, and also because David is hard to refuse, here we are. I have a few things in mind for my new "home", but I'm not entirely sure when the place will be decorated and ready for a dinner party. In fact, I'm not even sure tonight's the right time for a first post.

But in the spirit of my blog, I'll write it anyway. I'll approach it like a manuscript and accept that early drafts generally suck, but one day my blog will kick ass.


  1. Here's that comment you secretly wished you'd get, Rachel. Like one of those letters miraculously revived from the dead letter file at the Post Office.

    I suspect you live and breathe in a world I'll never see. Much more literary, where I intend to plod the nonfiction trail. But I appreciate the start you made with your blog and the optimism you expressed. It looks like you're kicking some serious booty to me.

    Thanks for the inspiration to begin.

  2. Welcome, Jack! So nice to have you here. :-) And thanks for the nice words.