Friday, July 1, 2011

The "Heeeyyy! Whatcha doin'?" call

I never liked those calls.

You know, the ones where somebody calls you up for no reason in particular. When I answer my phone, I expect 1) news or 2) a request.
Example of #1: "There's a hurricane coming!"
Example of #2: "Will you help me avoid my mother-in-law?"

Calls like these serve a purpose and have a natural ending point.

The "Heeyyy! Whatcha doin'?" phone call doesn't work for me because I have a job and three kids and one of those things is usually what I'm doing, plus I'm not confident that the awkward phone call is ever going to end, and I'm never clear about why it's happening.

Much like this particular blog post.

And for that, I'm sorry. But tonight I realized that I haven't posted here for two months and felt compelled to do a check-in call, even though it's kinda lame.

There's no hurricane coming. At least not to Houston. We haven't had rain for about six hundred years . . .

And, yes. Of course I'll shield you from your mother-in-law.

I'll also try not to let the blog get this dusty again. I hope everyone is doing well and ready to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Happy 4th!


  1. Most of the phone calls I get are from family members, i.e. mother or father, asking me if I'm working. They've never really understood the concept that I work from home. If I'm traveling . . . they understand. But at home, not so much. For whatever reason, that drives me up a wall.

  2. Chris, I hear you. My father was fond of calling during my maternity leaves and asking me how I was enjoying my "vacation." I wonder how restorative he would find 90+ days of sleep deprivation.

  3. Rachel, you're doing better than I've done. I went MONTHS without posting on my blog. But I'm back, and I'm glad you are too. I always enjoy your posts! Have a fabulous Fourth!