Monday, February 15, 2010

Ode to Revisions

You wear me down
Make me confused
I type in words I have already used

Forgot that guy's name
Need a new twist
Finding the stuff my spellchecker missed

Due date is coming
Brain waves are humming
If I don't fix this soon I'll be majorly bumming

Red ink in the copy
Notes everywhere
No time to be sloppy
My nerves are bare

Kiddos are loud
TV through the walls
Pulling out hair
Nonsensical scrawls

"Part of the process!"
"Good for your work!"
Revisions, I hate you.
You make me berserk.

welcome back.
With you at hand I feel right on track.
Facebook, Twitter... all progress slowed
And my latest time waster,
Writing an Ode.


  1. Ha! Any poem that has the word "berserk" in it is fine by me.

  2. Thank you, Chris. Consider yourself an enabler. :-)

  3. Bravo!
    Thanks for my latest time waster--reading an ode!
    (Hey, without breaks, we wouldn't appreciate all the hard work, right? Right?)

  4. I sit here, chest deep in edits, with my e-mail application open specifically so I can take as many breaks as possible when notifications like yours come in. Bless you, Alan.

  5. Another one of your many talents!