Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome, spooks! It's Hallopalooza!

Many of you dropping by today are racing through The Stiletto Gang's Hallopalooza on-line scavenger hunt. I hope you're having as much fun participating as we had putting it together. Thank you for playing!

For those who have no earthly idea what I'm talking about, check out the link above. Join in the fun and enter to win dozens of free books at over twenty different author blogs. All you have to do is drop in on a series of blogs and put together the clues. Who can say boo to that?

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Anyone else out there got a raging sweet tooth like me? I left my thoughts on What to do about the Unwanted Halloween Candy over at Fresh Fiction today. Comment there for even more chances to win.

Finally, what everyone is waiting for . . . your clue:

"I told you it was stupid to come to this party, but you wouldn't listen."

Milla stopped outside the library. Standing in the shadows, she could see Dr. Paul Trent towering over his wife, Diana, who was seated in a deep red leather wing chair. The couple was waiting to be interviewed by police detective Fletcher Jones. The Cleopatra makeup was gone, along with their costumes. She hoped Fletcher Jones was collecting all the party clothes for trace evidence analysis.

"You know I've got to be in the operating room in less than three hours." The doctor whined, then began to pace, checking his watch repeatedly. "I'm going to have to postpone Althea Grant's tummy tuck. The woman will find someone else. And with the way you spend money, I need every penny."

"It's not my fault that Carla died." Diana Trent, of seamless face and perky breasts, had clearly been one of her husband's most loyal patients. "You were having a pretty good time up until the body was discovered. I saw you chatting up that St. James woman earlier in the evening. Wouldn't have thought she was your type. Of course I wouldn't have thought she was Winston's type either."

"I don't chat people up. Buffy St. James and I were having a perfectly civilized conversation about the new library. The fund-raising campaign is running short and she was hoping we’d make a generous contribution. She wasn't aware we have our own money problems." Dr. Trent whirled around. "Tell me something! Why did you insist that we come to a party given by your ex-husband?"

"You know why. I did it for you. We need to keep up appearances. Plus, Winston said he might help with the malpractice case. If only Carla hadn't…" Diana stopped short.

"If only Carla hadn't what?" her husband asked.

"Nothing, nothing. It's just that Carla never did like me." Diana stood up. "I think I'll go and see if I can get some coffee."

Dr. Trent grabbed his wife's arm. "Diana, you gave that woman too much credit. She only thought she ran your ex's business."

Milla decided she'd better announce her presence.

* * *

For your next clues, please return to The Stiletto Gang and scroll down for clues #12 and #13. We had some tech issues with the bloggers who were going to post those clues for us. From there, we'll link you back on track to finish the mystery.

Have fun figuring it out. Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm just collecting the clues and can't wait to put them together.

  2. This is a great way to celebrate Halloween

  3. Great idea! Enjoying going through it all.

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  4. Fun Halloween party! Happy Halloween!
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  5. So many clues! Hard to narrow it down for now.

    dlodden at frontiernet dot net

  6. Malpractice, eh?

    speer dot david at gmail

  7. Sounds like trouble in paradise.

  8. Any time an ex shows up in your life in any capacity, it's got to be bad news...
    PK the Bookeemonster

  9. So far none of this is coming together for me, but its a great story.

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  10. Ooh, the plot thickens! (I am also a new follower.)


  11. When's the next body?!?!?
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  12. You’ve given me a witch’s hat full of great info to add to my cauldron of clues. I’ll stir them all up and see what floats to the top! Thanks for your participation in Hallopalooza! Suzy

  13. Thanks for adding to this weekend's entertainment.

    Helen Kiker

  14. This is great. I have not figured out who it is yet.

  15. only 2 clues left, and I'm still totally lost. agh!


  16. Having so much fun reading this mystery and participating in the scavenger hunt. What a great idea!

  17. Follow the money.......

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  18. Ooh, this had some of the most interesting clues so far. If only Carla hadn't what!!!

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  19. What was Carla up to? More fun to come, I hope.

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