Monday, May 11, 2009

On the outs with my outline

This afternoon, an interesting turn of events. The power and A/C at my office went out. That was good because it meant I could spend the afternoon playing with my son instead of programming new ways to plot biomechanics data.

But when I got to daycare to pick him up, he was sound asleep for his nap (and so, so cute). I selfishly realized that his being asleep was also good. I could come home and finish the outline for Book 2.

I came home and finished it, which is mostly good but also gives me an antsy, uncomfortable feeling. I did a lot of hand waving in the second half (which probably indicates that I didn't actually do the outline). I really wasn't sure what would happen at the end of the story, so I sort of spoke in generalities and glossed over some stuff. Then I sent it to a friend.

I'm starting to be afraid of my friends.

Even if my friend is nice and lets me get away with my sort-of outline, it still has to pass muster with my agent and (shuddering now) my editor. I'm starting to be afraid of them, too.

But enough. I'm chalking this up to small victories and going back to the manuscript. Right after I get the little guy from daycare. If I hurry, I can get there in time for Tumble Bus.

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